Made in the USA Manufactured & Made In USA

When it comes to your health, quality has to be #1 and that's why all products, bottles, and pills are assembled and manufactured from start to finish in the United States, utilizing strict FDA regulations & Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) approved facilities.

The raw materials/ingredients are first screened to assure the identity, quality, purity, and potency of each ingredient. After the product has been manufactured, we then do a secondary assay with a 3rd party independent laboratory testing, to further confirm that what is on the label, is exactly in each product and receive a Certificate Of Analysis for every batch.

We do this for two reasons - First, we want to make sure the money we spend on our ingredients and formulas, is exactly what we have paid for. Secondly, this guarantees that YOU are assured potency, qualify, and safety in each and every product we've produced in the past 20 years.

Some companies may cut corners and save money by having products made in other countries such as China - where there are no mandated regulations, no testing, no verification for purity of any kind. The next time you purchase any product for your health, make sure it's been approved and made in the USA!

Made in the USA Go GREEN With HFL...

At our company, we do everything possible to help reduce pollution and improve the environment. As stated above, all our products are manufactured from start to finish in the US, in eco-friendly plants. Additionally...

  1. All bottles, labels & packing boxes/envelopes utilize recycled materials.
  2. All correspondence, newsletters, literature and receipts are electronic - no use (or waste) of paper.
  3. A percentage of ALL sales is donated to both the Global ReLeaf fund (American Forests®) and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Remember, this is all done with YOUR help, with every purchase that you make at our website - So, thank you for your continued support and loyalty. Our products help to improve both YOUR health, and YOUR environment!