Referral & Affiliate Programs

Fast, Easy & Simple Ways To Earn Money

There are 3 main things people focus on most of the time in life - money, relationships and health. Even though I believe health should be the #1 goal, it's usually focused on ONLY after there are health problems. However, "money" is the one that most of us do put as a priority - and for good reason, we need money to live and survive.

With that said, below are two simple ways you can earn money, while helping others improve their health, fitness and longevity utilizing HFL™ and Dr. Sam Robbins' products and services.

Refer A Friend

The easiest and fastest way to get started is to utilize our "Refer A Friend" program. You instantly earn $15.00 and your friend saves 15% on their entire order.

It's super easy - Just share the special URL link below with anyone you want - email, social media, etc. and the program does the rest. Nothing to sign up for. No contacts. No websites. 100% free.

Affiliate Program

For those of you who have a "presence" online - a website, a business, blog, social media channel (YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, etc.) and so forth, you can join out "Affiliate" program.

You can earn more (35% commission). However, it does require a little more effort and that's why it's best for those who are already doing something on the Internet. You can get all the details here.