ProVanax™ helps your mind and emotions to feel "better" ... happier, more in control, confident, and with less worry.*

It helps reduce that "negative dialogue" or "negative chatter" we have in our heads due to self-doubt, insecurity or during times of emotional stress.*

And it does so because it helps promote youthful and healthy brain chemicals called, neurotransmitters.* I'll get into more details about this below...

I Did It For ME

However, in all honesty, I originally formulated ProVanax™ for myself, to help my body and mind, "relax" and reduce my worrying because of life's daily stresses.*

sleep problems

This was especially important before sleep when I'm "tossing & turning" for hours, which caused more frustration, unease and even anger...*

Because of my hectic work schedule (and medical school) and my "type-A" personality (my mind is always racing), I had difficulty relaxing my body and turning "OFF" my mind.*

Unfortunately, there are many factors that can cause you to not feel as "happy" as you'd prefer...

Or feel "negative emotions" more often than you'd like:

  • genetics (always a major factor)*
  • hormonal & chemical changes (affects both young & old)*
  • times of extra stress (physical and/or emotional)*
  • incorrect diet (wrong foods and/or macro-nutrients)*
  • improper exercise plan (too much or little or wrong kind)*
  • drugs (alcohol, caffeine, pot, prescription, etc.)*
  • abuse (childhood or adult; emotional or physical)*
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However, It Is YOUR Responsibility...

We can't control other people or what goes on OUTSIDE of us with the world.

All we can do is manage what we feel and focus on, with OURSELVES.

too many responsibilities
Life Can Be Overly Stressful At Times

Having "negative" feelings or emotions may NOT be your fault... We can't control the "outside" world, other people's actions and life stressors...

However, you should take action TODAY, improve your lifestyle and utilize natural options... So you can have less worry about your future and more happiness & confidence!*

ProVanax™ is designed to naturally help promote youthful & healthy brain neurotransmitters & gut bacteria, which can help support:*

Enhanced Mood

Enhanced Mood*

Promotes positive mood & emotional balance.*

Stress Support

Stress Support*

Supports a healthy response to physical & emotional stress.*

Relaxation & Calm

Relaxation & Calm*

Promotes relaxation, a tranquil mind & body.*

Hormonal Balance

Hormonal Balance*

Supports youthful and healthy hormones & neurotransmitters.*

Even More Powerful For 2024

probiotics mood

In 2024, we've taken it a step farther by adding 3 powerful Probiotic strains (healthy bacteria) that are scientifically validated to help support balanced mood and brain health.*

With over 100+ BILLION healthy bacteria in each ProVanax™ veggie capsule, there's a dramatic enhancement in your "gut/brain" connection,* helping support:

  • positive mental outlook & emotional well-being*36-38
  • healthy serotonin & dopamine production*36-38
  • improved gut health, digestion & bloating*36-38

There are lots of reasons, but here are the "popular" ones:

  1. It's "all-in-one", 5 products in 1 solution. (saves time & money)
  2. It's doctor-formulated. Both nutritionist & endocrinology (study of hormones).
  3. It has a 24 + year proven success record. (so you know it works)
  4. 1824 + reviews (blood tests for proof)
  5. One YEAR guarantee. Plus, results in 30 days or a refund + $100.00 cash back!

Better Sleep

ProVanax™ works great for me because it helps promote a calm and relaxed mood.* I would take it 30-60 min before bed and I'd wake up feeling rested, happy and less stressed... never groggy!*

I didn't feel overwhelmed or anxious in the morning.* I felt in control. It's a great feeling.

sleep insomnia

Better Mood

sleep insomnia

I also noticed other important BENEFITS with the continued use of ProVanax™. I felt more confident, happier and had fewer feelings of nervousness, worry and "negative thoughts".*

One day I realized that I was worrying less... I didn't feel frustrated or angry or "on edge".*

And most importantly, I had dramatically LESS "negative dialog" in my head.*

Better Formula

Over time, I've continually improved the ProVanax™ formula based on BOTH scientific research & more importantly, "empirical" evidence (REAL LIFE results!).

brain hormones

The great news is that research has clearly shown that you can feel "happier & more confident" again, when you restore, balance & optimize:

  • Dopamine - associated with pleasure & drive (emotional & sexual)*
  • Serotonin - linked to happiness & well-being*
  • Cortisol - a primary "stress" & "aging" hormone*
  • Oxytocin - "love hormone", a positive emotional amplifier*
  • Neurotransmitters - brain "chemicals" that control mood*
  • Probiotics - healthy mood-improving bacteria in your gut*

Health is a long-term goal. No diet, exercise or supplementation program can be done for only a month, with the expectations of continued and long-term benefits ... I'm sure you can agree.

Even though some of the benefits can be felt or seen within the first month, continual use and habit produces long-term results.

Most people will select either:

  • Monthly auto-ship:
    You'll conveniently get a bottle every month, while instantly saving an extra 20%. You can change quantity and frequency, you can also cancel whenever want.
  • Volume (3+ bottles):
    This is a bulk savings. Order it once and you have enough bottles for 3+ months and can reorder again.

Both of the above options also have the lowest price & biggest savings.

  • This is a doctor-formulated solution, not a generic "private label" like most companies.
  • All the ingredients are natural; vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and earth-grown, organic, Non-GMO herbal extracts.
  • Correct dosages are used, which are backed by scientific research for safety and efficacy.
  • Every batch comes with a certificate of analysis, ensuring that what is on the label is inside each pill.
  • Our products are manufactured in the United States, in an FDA Approved & GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified facility under the most sterile, strict and precise standards.
  • We use veggie capsules, with NO artificial fillers or ingredients.

All the ingredients are natural; vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and earth-grown, organic, Non-GMO herbal extracts.

We use veggie capsules, with NO artificial fillers or ingredients.

Yes, we also use veggie capsules.

NO, none of these.