The reason I formulated Blood FLOW Optimizer™ for my parents (and myself!), over 19+ years ago is because I wanted them to have BOTH a healthy heart & brain (both areas being problematic as we age).

poor circulation

What's worse is that poor blood flow & circulation can negatively affect EVERY aspect of your body... from head to toe, inside and out!* (more on this below)

poor circulation effects

Of course, a healthy diet & regular exercise program is important. And we tried different ones and they helped a little bit.

healthy eating
Healthy Diet & Exercise Program Can Help,
But For Many People, It's NOT enough!

In all honesty, it was a lot of work and sacrifices. Plus, it was very hard to sustain long-term. Ultimately, it wasn't enough...

That's when I did research on specific natural herbs and vitamins which were scientifically researched to help support healthy blood flow circulation and that's when I created Blood FLOW Optimizer™.

We wanted something that was easy, convenient, natural and proven!

After doing additional research, I discovered that blood flow problems are typically caused by the negative changes in hormones due to AGING.*

Older Age = Worse Circulation7,9

And this makes sense when you think about it...

This is why young people rarely have circulation problems and they don't have healthy lifestyles (eating junk, drinking bad stuff, etc.)

Yet, when women hit menopause, all of a sudden they have cold hands & feet, hair loss, etc.

And as men get older ("andropause"), the worst their blood flow and sexual performance.

It keeps coming down to aging and the negative changes in hormones!*

Blood FLOW Optimizer™ is an "All-In-One" natural option that contains scientifically researched ingredients supporting:

  • Healthy blood flow to the heart, brain & muscles.*
  • Healthy circulation to hands, feet &"male extremities".*
  • A natural nitric oxide booster.*
  • Vascular & endothelial health.*
  • Healthy clotting process & platelet function.*
  • Regulating plaque build-up.*

There are lots of reasons, but here are the "popular" ones:

  1. It's "all-in-one", 5 products in 1 solution. (saves time & money)
  2. It's doctor-formulated. Both nutritionist & endocrinology (study of hormones).
  3. It has a 19 + year proven success record. (so you know it works)
  4. 2346 + reviews (blood tests for proof)
  5. One YEAR guarantee. Plus, results in 30 days or a refund + $100.00 cash back!

When you have youthful & healthy blood flow circulation, it positively affects your entire body -- brain, organs & muscles!

As far as health marker tests, many have reported improvements in the following:

  • Calcium Score (calcium in your coronary arteries)
  • Creatine kinase (CK)
  • Cardiac enzyme/troponin
  • C-reactive protein (CRP)
  • Ankle-brachial index (ABI)

As far as what you may "feel", many have reported:

  • more energy & stamina
  • better mental focus
  • warmer hands & feet
  • improved "bedroom" performance
  • Cardiac enzyme/troponin
  • C-reactive protein (CRP)
  • Ankle-brachial index (ABI)

As far as "how long" it will take to see and feel the results?... Well, this always depends on the person and their current health level, age, hormones, etc.

The "worse" your health, the longer it will take to help undo the years of "damage". As people vary, so will results. Some need a lower dose and some higher.

However, many start to feel improvements in as little as 30 days and for sure by day 90. The longer you take it, the better the improvements.

Remember, this is a natural product and it's working WITH your body, and not "forcing" anything unnatural like drugs do (which may work faster, but have many long-term side effects).

Health is a long-term goal. No diet, exercise or supplementation program can be done for only a month, with the expectations of continued and long-term benefits ... I'm sure you can agree.

Even though some of the benefits can be felt or seen within the first month, continual use and habit produces long-term results.

Most people will select either:

  • Monthly auto-ship:
    You'll conveniently get a bottle every month, while instantly saving an extra 20%. You can change quantity and frequency, you can also cancel whenever want.
  • Volume (3+ bottles):
    This is a bulk savings. Order it once and you have enough bottles for 3+ months and can reorder again.

Both of the above options also have the lowest price & biggest savings.

  • This is a doctor-formulated solution, not a generic "private label" like most companies.
  • All the ingredients are natural; vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and earth-grown, organic, Non-GMO herbal extracts.
  • Correct dosages are used, which are backed by scientific research for safety and efficacy.
  • Every batch comes with a certificate of analysis, ensuring that what is on the label is inside each pill.
  • Our products are manufactured in the United States, in an FDA Approved & GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified facility under the most sterile, strict and precise standards.
  • We use veggie capsules, with NO artificial fillers or ingredients.

All the ingredients are natural; vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and earth-grown, organic, Non-GMO herbal extracts.

We use veggie capsules, with NO artificial fillers or ingredients.

Yes, we also use veggie capsules.

NO, none of these.