I originally formulated Body⇌Brain Energy™ for myself, over 20+ years ago because I had the same #1 complaint that most people have as they age... Which is feeling "tired", "less focused" & "driven"...

And this isn't just a lack of physical energy (stamina, strength, etc.), but also brain energy (focus, memory, etc.).

When you have less physical energy, you...

  • don't socialize as much (less fun)
  • don't exercise as much (lose muscle)
  • eat more junk foods (gain body fat)
  • get less work done (less money)
tired body sleeping at work

When you have less mental energy, you...

  • start to have memory problems
  • are less focused, shorter attention span
  • have a harder time learning
  • get angry & frustrated faster
tired brain memory loss

Basically, you're less happy, not as driven and look & feel older!

Of course, genetics is always an underlying cause with anything in your body...

Aging & Negative Changes In HORMONES
Can Be Major Causes Of Fatigue & Poor Memory Health*

And yes, lifestyle (diet, exercise, stress management, etc.) is also a major contributing factor...

ONLY because they all affect a primary cause of decreased physical energy & poor brain health, which is the negative changes in your hormones & brain chemicals, due to AGING & stress!*

I know this because my area of expertise as a doctor is Anti-Aging medicine & Endocrinology, which is the study of hormones.

It ALL Makes Sense Because...

When you're younger, it seems like you have unlimited amounts of energy... Even when you eat poorly, don't exercise or sleep enough.

Plus, you have such an easy time learning new things and you're memory and focus is super sharp.

Youth = Energy
Youth = Easy Learning

Are You Over Age of 35?...

However, AFTER the mid 30's, things change dramatically and get worse, each and every decade!...

Again, the negative hormonal changes & brain chemicals due to aging can cause your body to produce:*

  • Less "Energy Generating" Mitochondria & ATP*
  • Poor Oxygen Use by Muscles, Brain, Organs & Cells*
  • Unhealthy Neurotransmitters (brain chemicals)*
againg = tired
Aging = Tired
aging = poor memory
Aging = Unhealthy Memory


Whether you're a 20-year-old student ... or a 65-year-old "senior citizen"... In today's fast-paced, technology-based world, change happens quickly and if you want to keep up and progress, you need to improve your learning comprehension, focus, memory, mental stamina and processing speed.


Whether you're at a new job, an entrepreneur or business executive... Increasing your finances requires more energy, improved mental performance, better stress tolerance, resilience and drive.


In or out of the gym... A professional athlete or fitness enthusiast... To get the most out of your workouts, you want to increase muscular contraction, neural firing, endurance and reaction speed, with an improved "mind-to-muscle" connection.


Being a parent is one of the most demanding, draining and stressful "jobs". And you can't do a great job with your kids, if they have MORE energy than you do! ... Now, imagine starting the day feeling rested, energetic, with improved mental stamina and stress tolerance.

Youthful Aging

As we get older, our memory, recall and energy levels drop... As does oxygen levels, blood flow and brain circulation, which can accelerate aging & health problems.* Now you can reduce the "brain fog", improve your memory + mental performance, like your younger self.*

There are lots of reasons, but here are the "popular" ones:

  1. It's "all-in-one", 5 products in 1 solution. (saves time & money)
  2. It's doctor-formulated. Both nutritionist & endocrinology (study of hormones).
  3. It has a 20 + year proven success record. (so you know it works)
  4. 1027 + reviews (blood tests for proof)
  5. One YEAR guarantee. Plus, results in 30 days or a refund + $100.00 cash back!

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Health is a long-term goal. No diet, exercise or supplementation program can be done for only a month, with the expectations of continued and long-term benefits ... I'm sure you can agree.

Even though some of the benefits can be felt or seen within the first month, continual use and habit produces long-term results.

Most people will select either:

  • Monthly auto-ship:
    You'll conveniently get a bottle every month, while instantly saving an extra 20%. You can change quantity and frequency, you can also cancel whenever want.
  • Volume (3+ bottles):
    This is a bulk savings. Order it once and you have enough bottles for 3+ months and can reorder again.

Both of the above options also have the lowest price & biggest savings.

  • This is a doctor-formulated solution, not a generic "private label" like most companies.
  • All the ingredients are natural; vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and earth-grown, organic, Non-GMO herbal extracts.
  • Correct dosages are used, which are backed by scientific research for safety and efficacy.
  • Every batch comes with a certificate of analysis, ensuring that what is on the label is inside each pill.
  • Our products are manufactured in the United States, in an FDA Approved & GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified facility under the most sterile, strict and precise standards.
  • We use veggie capsules, with NO artificial fillers or ingredients.

All the ingredients are natural; vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and earth-grown, organic, Non-GMO herbal extracts.

We use veggie capsules, with NO artificial fillers or ingredients.

Yes, we also use veggie capsules.

NO, none of these.