As a doctor, I created it for MYSELF back in 1999. Even though I lived a healthy lifestyle, I noticed that I was starting to:

  • lose muscle & strength
  • gain belly fat & "love handles"
  • feel tired & mentally unfocused

And the worst part of all... I was losing my "drive" - at work, in the bedroom and in life!

I needed to find an "all-in-one" solution to help optimize my hormones, naturally & quickly.

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Research has repeatedly shown that AGING is a primary cause of lower testosterone, due to the negative changes in your hormones as you get older.

Unfortunately, the decline starts as early as your mid 20's for men.

Older Age = Lower Testosterone9

And this makes sense when you think about it...

When you're going through puberty (teenager and early 20's), you're gaining muscle and losing fat very easily.

Not to mention, your libido is sky-high. You're very "driven" - emotionally, physically and sexually!

This all has to do with having healthy testosterone levels & hormonal balance (estrogen, cortisol, growth hormone, etc.).*

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However, after at age of 35+, your:

  • "positive" youth hormones total + "free" testosterone drop*
  • "negative" hormones (estrogens, stress, DHT, etc.) dramatically rise*

Sadly, the older we get, the more negative & unbalanced the hormones become.

This is why it's so important to take action NOW and improve your hormones, before things continue to get worse each and every year.

I created this for myself because as I was getting older, and due to the modern stressful lifestyle we all live, my hormones were becoming very unbalanced (yes, I did ongoing blood tests every 6 months).

So, after testing dozens of different herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, I took the best ones what worked (both in clinical studies AND in the real world) and formulated AlphaViril.

AlphaViril's "all-in-one" formula helps optimize hormones by supporting:

  1. improved "youth" hormones, such as total & "free" testosterone levels (muscle, strength, energy, libido fat loss, etc.)*
  2. decrease in excessive "aging" hormones, such as cortisol (stress), estrogen (man-boobs & fat gain) & DHT (hair loss, unhealthy prostate)*

As "simple" or "logical" as this may sound, no other product does all of this. Why?...

It costs a lot more money and my background as a doctor is endocrinology, which is the study of hormones. So, this is my area of expertise!

There are lots of reasons, but here are the "popular" ones:

  1. It's "all-in-one", 5 products in 1 solution. (saves time & money)
  2. It's doctor-formulated. (endocrinology,, which is the study of hormones)
  3. It has a 24 + year proven success record. (so you know it works)
  4. 3187 + reviews (blood tests for proof)
  5. One YEAR guarantee. Plus, results in 30 days or a refund + $100.00 cash back!

As far as blood tests, you'll see healthy hormone levels. This can happen in as little as 30 days.

However, 90 days is more ideal since this is a natural product and it's working WITH your body, and not "forcing" anything unnatural like drugs do (which work faster, but have side effects).

  • Increase Libido, "Drive" & Energy:
    Most people feel these benefits within the first 7-30 days. Some feel it in just a few days.
  • Muscle Mass & Fat Loss:
    This takes time and of course, you need to exercise and eat well. This typically takes 3-6 months, especially since building new muscle is more difficult than losing fat.

NOTE: Just remember that as people vary, so do results. And the higher the dose, the faster the results.

Health is a long-term goal. No diet, exercise or supplementation program can be done for only a month, with the expectations of continued and long-term benefits ... I'm sure you can agree.

Even though some of the benefits can be felt or seen within the first month, continual use and habit produces long-term results.

Most people will select either:

  • Monthly auto-ship:
    You'll conveniently get a bottle every month, while instantly saving an extra 20%. You can change quantity and frequency, you can also cancel whenever want.
  • Volume (3+ bottles):
    This is a bulk savings. Order it once and you have enough bottles for 3+ months and can reorder again.

Both of the above options also have the lowest price & biggest savings.

  • This is a doctor-formulated solution, not a generic "private label" like most companies.
  • All the ingredients are natural; vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and earth-grown, organic, Non-GMO herbal extracts.
  • Correct dosages are used, which are backed by scientific research for safety and efficacy.
  • Every batch comes with a certificate of analysis, ensuring that what is on the label is inside each pill.
  • Our products are manufactured in the United States, in an FDA Approved & GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified facility under the most sterile, strict and precise standards.
  • We use veggie capsules, with NO artificial fillers or ingredients.

All the ingredients are natural; vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and earth-grown, organic, Non-GMO herbal extracts.

We use veggie capsules, with NO artificial fillers or ingredients.

Yes, we also use veggie capsules.

NO, none of these.